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The New Tropic: That Miami Barbershop Life


Barbershops are more than just places to get a haircut. They’re cultural institutions that have a long history of bringing together communities, with barbers as neighborhood artists. We asked Miami photographer Arturo Rafael Macias to take us on a visual tour.

Headz Up Barbershop is a Miami institution — “The Official Barbershop of the Miami Marlins.” From the minute I walk in I see aging posters celebrating the 2003 World Series Champions.

However, I began to wonder if the real institution wasn’t, in fact, the owner, Hugo “Juice” Tandron, himself. Where a left eyebrow should be, the tatted words blessed replace it. I must confess, my lack of interest in America’s pastime did not lend me any hints as to the notoriety of this shop.

It was the words of the community, both those from Carol City and Miami in general, that led me to this classic barbershop community of camaraderie. “Being humble and respectful gets you far in this industry,” says Tandron. “I may not be the best barber, but I know for certain no one will outwork me!”

Headz Up Barbershop: 16529 NW 57th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33014

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