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The Washington Post: Say it ain't flow - Bryce Harper has cornrows


Bryce Harper and Hugo 'Juice' Tandron
Bryce Harper and Hugo 'Juice' Tandron

Bryce Harper getting a cut from Hugo 'Juice' Tandron
Bryce Harper getting a cut from Hugo 'Juice' Tandron

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Bryce Harper, who has been sidelined since suffering a bone bruise in his knee on Aug. 12, played catch and walked up and down a few rows of stairs at Marlins Park before the Nationals' 2-1 win on Tuesday. Then he went and got his hair done.

Never afraid to try something new when it comes to his style, Harper posted a photo of himself with cornrows on his Instagram story. If he keeps it, Harper's new look could make his post-home run hair flips a little more difficult.

Who wore it best, Bryce Harper or Kenny Powers? — Tap Nonnac (@RubGun) September 5, 2017
Bryce Harper's new haircut. — Mike Oz (@mikeoz) September 5, 2017
Who wore it better? Bryce Harper or David Beckham? RT for Harper Fav for Becks — Punk (@JosephHorvathJr) September 5, 2017

Harper had his hair done at Headz Up, the only pro barbershop in an MLB stadium, located down the hall from the Marlins' clubhouse.

During spring training last season, Harper and Nationals Manager Dusty Baker got fresh cuts in Viera from Headz Up founder and the Marlins' official barber Hugo "Juice" Tandron.

Harper didn't offer an update Tuesday on when he might return to the field, but it's possible his hair will look a lot different when he does.


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